The Judgment of Carrion
Why are we boarding this thing again?

Space hulks often contain forgotten technology and dark secrets.

Image courtesy Noah Stacey/Relic Entertainment/THQ

What's worse than a derelict starship emerging from a gateway to hell? What about multiple starships, all of them mangled and bound together in a cosmic GooGoo Cluster of chaotic awfulness?

In the Warhammer 40K universe, they call this monstrosity a space hulk. See, shortcuts though an alternate dimension of pure chaos are the standard means of faster-than-light travel for the humans of the tabletop gaming world. However, the lost vessels in those waters never stay lost for long. They clump together and drift randomly in and out of the Milky Way galaxy.

The Judgment of Carrion is one of several space hulks documented by the Imperium of Man, none of which you want drifting into Earth's orbit. Not only are their twisted corridors haunted by demonic warp beings, they're also frequently infested by alien tyranids and marauding orks.

So just one of these could result in the arrival of up to three invasion forces -- roughly $300 worth of miniatures if it all plays out on your kitchen table.