USG Ishimura
WARNING: Contents are gross.

The USG Ishimura is ready to discover new worlds and plunder them senseless.

Image courtesy Electronic Arts

Sure, the "Dead Space" video game mostly depicts the USG Ishimura as a haunted-house spaceship overrun with disgusting corpse monsters. But if that's all you remember, you're missing the big picture. This fictional 25th century vessel is also the Earth's largest planet cracker, a class of industrial starship designed to carve up a planet like Thanksgiving turkey and harvest the choice slices.

Sound dastardly? Well, it beats carving up our own planet for delicious mineral ore. When not fueling our worst nightmares, the USG Ishimura represents an industrially motivated and financially sustainable space program. You know, one fueled by money and greed. A planet cracker like this would revolutionize the space exploration business in no time. Orbital shipyards would spring to life, spawning fleets built and fueled from the bones of destroyed worlds.

Sure, we might also unleash a living hell of alien body horror, but somehow I think that's a risk big business is willing to take.