3M MPRO150 Pocket Projector
3M pocket projector

3M's Pocket Projector lets you project presentations without the use of a computer.

Courtesy 3M

Not long ago, a state-of-the-art business road warrior shared portable presentations using heavy laptop computers, an even bigger projector and a tangle of required cables and power cords. No more. 3M recently introduced an updated version of its Pocket Projector, the MPRO 150, which makes on-the-go presentations much simpler.

The MPRO 150 is small enough to fit in a side pocket of your briefcase, but it comes with 1GB of internal memory, a memory card slot and the ability to open and project Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files. You don't even need a computer to run your presentation -- you can simply transfer files directly from your iPod, smartphone or other storage device, point the projector at a wall and get to work.