Gearless Wind Turbine
Honeywell Wind Turbine

This Honeywell Wind Turbine creates electricity even in very slow wind speeds.

Courtesy of WindTronics

The popularity of sustainable energy production is growing, and there are ever more products targeting small businesses and homeowners. WindTronics recently introduced the Honeywell Wind Turbine, which is about 6 feet (1.8 meters) wide and generates electricity in winds from as slow as 2 mph (3.2 kilometers per hour) to as fast as 45 mph (72.4 kilometers per hour).

Unlike traditional turbines, the Honeywell design omits a central gear and rotor, which cuts down on parts that can wear out or steal energy that should go towards electricity production. Also, its design creates energy at the tips of the blades, which is where the blades spin fastest. They'll begin turning in winds of just 1 mph (1.6 kilometers per hour), and begin generating energy at 2 mph, far slower wind speeds than most turbines require.

You'll need a professional installer if you want one of these turbines for your home. And although you'll spend thousands of dollars just to get started, federal, state or local incentives may reimburse you for a huge percentage of the expense.