Motorola Motoblur

Motoblur is a mobile interface that may change the way we control smartphones and similar devices.

Courtesy Motorola

Smartphones are great for accessing all of the social networking sites you visit on your desktop computer. However, smartphone operating systems often complicate login processes, and jumping from app to app gets frustrating, too. Enter Motorola's Motoblur user interface.

Motoblur shifts the concept of user interfaces that are usually built into portable electronics. Instead of forcing you to open apps individually to check messages and posts, Motoblur automatically sends updates that you can check instantly. Basically, you receive a feed that's constantly updated with new e-mails, posts from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, contacts and all of your other favorite aspects of the Web, too.

What's more, all of the information from that feed is backed up to a Motorola server. So if you lose your phone, you won't lose the vital data that's on it.