Potty Humor
The COLBERT treadmill.

The COLBERT treadmill and the machine's namesake, comedian Stephen Colbert.

Associated Press/AP Images

In early 2009, when NASA was looking for a name to grace its newest space module, the U.S. space agency challenged Americans to come up with the perfect moniker. Never one to miss out on an opportunity for self-promotion, comedian Stephen Colbert urged viewers of his show "The Colbert Report" to enter his name through a write-in option. Colbert won by a landslide, capturing 230,000 votes. Despite the runaway victory, NASA hedged and named its module after the eighth runner-up, "Tranquility."

As a consolation prize, the space agency considered naming a commode in Colbert's honor. In the end, the host's name ended up gracing a treadmill (in an acronym for the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill), which prompted the comedian to respond, "I couldn't be prouder that my treadmill will soon be installed on the International Space Station to help finally slim down all those chubby astronauts" [source: YouTube].