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10 Superstitions About Stars

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Could the power of a neutron star be harnessed?

Could the power of a neutron star be harnessed?

Relying on a collapsed star to power our lives on Earth might seem like a good solution to our energy crisis, but the process might be lethal.

Author's Note: 10 Superstitions About Stars

The first time I really saw the stars, I was in my early 20s. Sure, I'd taken a peek up at the night sky once or twice before then, but because I grew up in a busy east coast city, I never really got to see much. It wasn't until I took a cross-country road trip after college and ended up camping in a secluded area in eastern Texas that I really saw the night sky in all its glory. When you finally get to see the full effect of a sky full of stars, it's easy to understand just why ancient people were so fascinated — and why they believed they might find answers in those far-off spots of light.

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