WorldWide Telescope
night sky closeup

The night sky is brought to your fingertips by the WorldWide Telescope.

Nicholas Monu/Photodisc/Getty Images

Traditionally, most budding astronomers have had to make do with a run of the mill telescope and a clear night sky to learn more about the universe around them. Worldwide Telescope (WWT) stands poised to forever change these limitations by giving anyone with a computer the ability to explore outer space. Developed using the Microsoft® high performance Visual Experience Engine™, WWT allows people to access the available universe via computer by utilizing data provided by the best information and images from both space and Earth-based telescopes. Users can easily explore stars and planets, watch planets and moons in action as they orbit, and study virtually any other aspect of the solar system made available by the most technologically advanced telescopes out there. The product was designed for the use and enjoyment of people of all ages, children included. Its user-friendly format and the wealth of information it imparts are just a couple of the major selling points for this product that quite literally goes above and beyond.