Wii Fit
Harley Pasternak using Wii Fit

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak tries out Wii Fit at an L.A. event on Dec. 11, 2008.

WireImage/Getty Images

Traditional video games have gotten a bad rap for encouraging sedentary lifestyles. Wii Fit, a Nintendo product, is paving the road to changing how video game consoles are used. The product has rapidly become popular among people who enjoy exercising, particularly those who find it difficult and inconvenient to visit a workout facility on a regular basis. Coupled with the convenience of exercising from home, Wii Fit also allows users to easily set goals and track progress. The recently launched Wii Fit Plus expands upon the original product's activity capabilities, offering multiple workout modes including yoga, aerobics, balance games and strength training. Variety is also a key factor in Wii Fit's success, with more than 60 different activities for users to choose from.