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Biological Warfare

Biological warfare is the tactic of using poisonous substances to subdue or kill mass amounts of soldiers or civilians. Learn about various types of bio-weapons and the precautions being taken to minimize their impact.

How Agent Orange Worked

The Vietnam War occurred decades ago, but one of its legacies lingers on in Vietnamese soil and the U.S. court system. How did this defoliant do so much damage?

How Tear Gas Works

Tear gas is often used to control riots. Learn more about the potent substance at HowStuffWorks. See more »

How Agent Orange Worked

UAT 0- Agent Orange was a potent herbicide and defoliant used in large quantities during the Vietnam War. Learn about Agent Orange and its terrible legacy. See more »

How Mustard Gas Works

Mustard gas is a chemical warfare agent developed during World War I. Learn how mustard gas affected soldiers and armies used mustard gas. See more »

How can llamas help defeat biological weapons?

Sure, llamas are our friends. But little did we know that these fuzzy, camel-like creatures might save us all should the End come in the form of a biological attack. See more »

How Anthrax Works

"There have been several anthrax scares in the U.S. since 9/11. Find out where anthrax bacteria comes from, how it infects people and how its treated." See more »

How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works

Chemical warfare and biological warfare is explained in this article. Learn about biological and chemical warfare. See more »