Biological warfare is the tactic of using poisonous substances to subdue or kill mass amounts of soldiers or civilians. Learn about various types of bio-weapons and the precautions being taken to minimize their impact.

Tear Gas

Tear Gas, any of various chemicals that produce severe eye irritation, usually resulting in a blinding flow of tears and often also minor skin and respiratory irritations, such as itching and coughing.

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  • How Agent Orange Worked

    How Agent Orange Worked

    The Vietnam War occurred decades ago, but one of its legacies lingers on in Vietnamese soil and the U.S. court system. How did this defoliant do so much damage? See more »

  • How Anthrax Works

    How Anthrax Works

    There have been several anthrax scares in the U.S. since 9/11. Find out where anthrax bacteria comes from, how it infects people and how doctors treat it. See more »

  • How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works

    How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works

    The 2001 anthrax attacks, the first bioterrorist attacks in the United States, took five lives. Mail was stopped in several cities and it cost more than $1 billion to clean up the spores. So where does the U.S. stand if it's attacked again? See more »

  • How can llamas help defeat biological weapons?

    How can llamas help defeat biological weapons?

    Sure, llamas are our friends. But little did we know that these fuzzy, camel-like creatures might save us all should the End come in the form of a biological attack. See more »

  • How Mustard Gas Works

    How Mustard Gas Works

    A gas mask alone won't protect you if enemies lob this chemical weapon at you. Why did so many soldiers learn this the hard way during World War I? See more »

  • How Tear Gas Works

    How Tear Gas Works

    It may make you run. It may make you throw up. It will definitely make you cry. It's tear gas, and it's headed your way. See more »

  • Tear Gassed! The Quiz

    Tear Gassed! The Quiz

    Before you walk head-on into a cloud of tear gas at your next protest, rally or sporting event, let's make sure you're well-acquainted with this riot-suppressing chemical. Ready? Take a deep breath and move on to the first question. See more »

  • Wild World: Biological and Chemical Warfare Quiz

    Wild World: Biological and Chemical Warfare Quiz

    When did countries start using lethal chemical concoctions and hazardous viruses, bacteria and toxins as weapons? Where do they come from? You're about to enter the world of biological and chemical warfare. See more »

  • Chemical-Biological Warfare (CBW)

    Chemical-Biological Warfare (CBW)

    Chemical-Biological Warfare (CBW), warfare involving the use of chemical agents (other than explosives) and biological agents as weapons. See more »

  • Poison Gas

    Poison Gas

    Poison Gas, the common term for various lethal or temporarily disabling gaseous substances used in warfare. See more »

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