Ever wondered how that thing works? Explore the inner workings of many common devices and inventions, as well as those that aren't so common, such as compasses, gyroscopes and bug zappers.

How can someone control a machine with her thoughts?

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago introduced a new bionic arm that can be controlled by reading a person's thoughts. How does this technology work? Can you control a machine with thoughts? Learn about the bionic arm in this article.

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  • How MRI Works

    How MRI Works

    An MRI scan is the best way to see inside the human body without cutting it open, but that may be little comfort to you when you're getting ready for the exam. Lying perfectly still on a tiny slab in a narrow hole, you might wonder what's happening to your body. See more »

  • How Prosthetic Limbs Work

    How Prosthetic Limbs Work

    Your body is a remarkable piece of biological machinery, and your limbs are no exception. Did you ever wonder how prosthetic limbs are made and how they are controlled? And are scientists developing bionic artificial limbs? See more »

  • How Rail Guns Work

    How Rail Guns Work

    Rail guns leave gunpowder-based weapons in the dust (one can hit a target 250 miles away in six minutes). So why isn't the military using them? Find out how rail guns can be used and learn about the limitations of this technology. See more »

  • How strong are the magnets in an MRI machine?

    How strong are the magnets in an MRI machine?

    A friend of mine told me that his watch flew off his arm and was sucked into the MRI machine at the hospital. Could this really happen? How strong are the magnets in an MRI machine? See more »

  • How the Edison Awards Work

    How the Edison Awards Work

    The Edison Awards annually honor the best new, cutting-edge products, companies and business executives -- all in the name of the record-setting inventor, Thomas Edison. What exactly does it take to earn an Edison Award? See more »

  • How the Metric System Works

    How the Metric System Works

    Ever heard of a little unit called a femtometer? Can you tell us how much you weigh -- in petagrams? We know you can't, so hurry up and start reading. We have work to do. See more »

  • How Ultrasound Works

    How Ultrasound Works

    Ultrasound lets us peek into the human body to see everything from heart valves to a moving baby. But how do sound waves give us a picture? See more »

  • How Wind Tunnels Work

    How Wind Tunnels Work

    Wind tunnels are the unsung heroes of aerodynamics. Thanks to these breezy devices, we have safer planes, cars and space vehicles.They even provide some extreme fun for the adrenaline junkies among us. What's the deal with wind tunnels? Find out in this article. See more »

  • How X-rays Work

    How X-rays Work

    X-ray machines seem to do the impossible: They see straight through clothing, flesh and even metal, thanks to some very cool scientific principles at work. Find out how X-ray machines see straight to your bones. See more »

  • How Zambonis Work

    How Zambonis Work

    All eyes are trained on you at halftime as you make slow sweeps across the rink, leaving sparkling smooth ice in your lumbering wake. The fans cheer. You tip your head slightly in modest acknowledgement. This is the life of the Zamboni driver. See more »

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