Biology terms are phrases commonly used in the study of living organisms. Understanding biology terms is vital to anyone interested in learning about or studying biology. Biology terms cover all biological fields, including genetics and conservation.

Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle, the series of natural processes by which carbon in the air is made available to living things, is used by them, and is then returned to the air.

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    Test Your Knowledge: Scientific Name or Gibberish?

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  • Adaptation


    Adaptation, in biology, the process by which a living thing becomes better suited to its environment. See more »

  • Age


    Age, a term for (1) periods of time, as in human history or the history of the earth, and (2) the length of time an organism has lived or normally lives, or the length of time an object or material has existed. See more »

  • Albumin


    Albumin, a simple protein found in most animals and in some plants. Albumins dissolve in water and dilute salt solutions and coagulate (curdle or clot) in the presence of heat. See more »

  • Amino acid

    Amino acid

    Amino Acids, chemical compounds produced by living organisms. Many amino acids are the structural units of proteins. See more »

  • Biology


    Biology, the science that deals with living things. The earth is home to a diverse range of living organisms. See more »

  • Evolution


    Evolution, as defined in biology, the continual process by which one form of life changes, or evolves, into another form. See more »

  • Microbiology


    Microbiology, the branch of biology concerned with microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, protozoans, and certain algae and fungi. See more »

  • Microorganism


    Microorganism, or Microbe, an organism so small that it cannot be seen without the aid of a microscope. See more »

  • Mutation


    Mutation, in a general sense, any change in the genetic makeup of an organism; such a change usually causes the organism to have a trait not possessed by any of its ancestors. See more »

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