Chemistry terms are used to describe the various chemical elements, compounds, processes and tests. Whether you're in the classroom or the lab, chemistry terms are necessary for proper communication. Click here to check out some great chemistry articles.



Glycerin, or Glycerine, a syrupy alcohol that is colorless and odorless and has a sweet taste.

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  • Boiling

    Boiling, the process of changing a liquid into a vapor by the application of heat. See more »

  • Decay

    Decay, the breaking down, or decomposing, of dead tissue or organic matter into simpler chemical compounds. See more »

  • Enzymes

    Enzymes, complex proteins produced by all living things. They play an important role in nearly all the chemical reactions that take place in organisms by acting as catalysts. See more »

  • Explosive

    Explosive, a substance that will burn up or decompose almost instantly, producing intense heat and a large volume of expanding gas. See more »

  • Gas (natural)
    Gas (natural)

    Gas, a fuel. Natural gas is taken from underground deposits where it has been trapped for centuries. See more »

  • Glass

    Glass, a hard, brittle, and usually transparent material. As a scientific term, the word glass is often used to refer to any rigid substance that is amorphous (not made up of crystals), with the exception of plastics and certain other substances containing carbon. See more »

  • Insulation

    Insulation, the use of resistant or absorptive materials to retard or prevent the passage of heat, sound, mechanical vibration, electricity, or radiation. See more »

  • Microscope

    Microscope, an instrument used to obtain enlarged images of tiny objects or minute details of objects. See more »

  • Pitch

    Pitch, a dark-colored, thick, sticky substance produced from any one of several sources. See more »

  • Science of Chemistry
    Science of Chemistry

    Chemistry, the science of the composition of matter, its properties and characteristics, and the changes it undergoes. See more »

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