German biologists have contributed some of biology's greatest findings. With the increasing importance of genetics, conservation and microbiology, German biologists may yet discover some of nature's most amazing secrets.

Otto Heinrich Warburg

Warburg, Otto Heinrich (1883-1970) was a German biochemist who discovered cell oxidation and the respiratory enzyme iron-oxygenase that catalyzes the process.

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  • Friedrich Loffler

    Friedrich Loffler

    Loffler, Friedrich August Johannes (1852-1915), a German bacteriologist. In 1882, Loffler discovered the bacilli causing glanders and swine erysipelas. See more »

  • Alois Alzheimer

    Alois Alzheimer

    Alzheimer, Alois (1864-1915) was a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist who in 1907 first described a brain disease that later was named for him. See more »

  • August Paul von Wassermann

    August Paul von Wassermann

    Wassermann, August von (1866-1925), a German bacteriologist. In 1906 he devised the Wassermann blood test for diagnosing syphilis. See more »

  • August Weismann

    August Weismann

    Weismann, August (1834-1914), a German biologist, developed the germ-plasm theory of heredity. See more »

  • Baron Ferdinand von Mueller

    Baron Ferdinand von Mueller

    Von Mueller, Baron Ferdinand (1825-1896) was a German-born Australian botanist who made extensive contributions to the knowledge of native Australian plants. See more »

  • Bert Sakmann

    Bert Sakmann

    Sakmann, Bert (1942-) is a German physiologist. He won a share of the 1991 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for discovering how ions flow in and out of cells. See more »

  • Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

    Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

    Nüsslein-Volhard, Christane (1942-), a German geneticist, was the first German woman Nobel laureate in science. See more »

  • Ernst Heinrich Haeckel

    Ernst Heinrich Haeckel

    Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich (1834-1919), a German zoologist and philosopher. Haeckel was the chief popularizer on the European continent of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. See more »

  • Feodor Lynen

    Feodor Lynen

    Lynen, Feodor (1911-1976) was a German biochemist who studied how cells produce cholesterol and lipids, which are fatty substances. See more »

  • Ferdinand Cohn

    Ferdinand Cohn

    Cohn, Ferdinand Julius (1828-1898), a German botanist, often called the founder of bacteriology. See more »

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