Chemists have changed the way that science looks at the world. By breaking substances down to the atomic level, chemists have greatly expanded our knowledge of the world. Click here to find articles about the greatest chemists in history.

Alfred Werner

Werner, Alfred (1866-1919), a French-born Swiss chemist, opened new areas of research in chemistry with his explanation of the internal structure of complex inorganic compounds.

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  • Wallace Hume Carothers

    Wallace Hume Carothers

    Carothers, Wallace Hume (1896-1937), was an important American organic chemist of the 1900's. See more »

  • Walter Norman Haworth

    Walter Norman Haworth

    Haworth, Walter Norman (1883-1950), a British chemist, shared the 1937 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his research on carbohydrates and vitamin C. See more »

  • Walther Nernst

    Walther Nernst

    Nernst, Walther (1864-1941), a German physicist and chemist, considered a founder of physical chemistry. See more »

  • Wendell Meredith Stanley

    Wendell Meredith Stanley

    Stanley, Wendell Meredith (1904-1971) was an American biochemist who won a share of the 1946 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his preparation of enzymes and virus proteins in a pure form. See more »

  • Wilhelm Ostwald

    Wilhelm Ostwald

    Ostwald, Wilhelm (1853-1932), a German chemist. He did important research on the dynamics of chemical change. See more »

  • Willard Frank Libby

    Willard Frank Libby

    Libby, Willard Frank (1908-1980), a United States chemist. He received the 1960 Nobel Prize in chemistry for developing, in 1947, the radiocarbon method of determining the age of objects thousands of years old. See more »

  • William Francis Giauque

    William Francis Giauque

    Giauque, William Francis (1895-1982), an American chemist, won the 1949 Nobel Prize in chemistry for pioneer work in cryogenics, the field of very low temperatures. See more »

  • William Howard Stein

    William Howard Stein

    Stein, William Howard (1911-1980) was an American biochemist who helped reveal the complete chemical structure of the enzyme ribonuclease for the first time. See more »

  • William Nunn Lipscomb, Jr.

    William Nunn Lipscomb, Jr.

    Lipscomb, William Nunn, Jr. (1919-), an American inorganic chemist, received the 1976 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his studies on the structure and bonding mechanisms of boranes, complex compounds of boron and hydrogen. See more »

  • William Standish Knowles

    William Standish Knowles

    Knowles, William Standish (1917-) won the 2001 Nobel Prize in chemistry along with Ryoji Noyori of Japan “for their work on chirally catalyzed hydrogenation reactions.” They shared the award with American K. See more »

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