Geologists are important to the advancement of geology. These scientists study the makeup of the Earth and its geologic processes. Here you can learn about geologists.

Eugene Merle Shoemaker

Shoemaker, Eugene Merle (1928-1997) was an American scientist. He made valuable contributions in the fields of geology, the study of how the planet earth was formed and how it changes, and astronomy, the study of the universe and the objects in it.

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  • Abraham Gottlob Werner

    Abraham Gottlob Werner

    Werner, Abraham Gottlob (1749-1817), a German geologist, helped geology gain recognition as an important branch of science. See more »

  • Agricola, Georgius

    Agricola, Georgius

    Agricola, , Georgius (1490-1555), a German physician and scientist, called the father of mineralogy. See more »

  • Alexander Logie Du Toit

    Alexander Logie Du Toit

    Du Toit, Alexander Logie (1878-1948) was a South African geologist who helped form one of the foundations for the synthesis of continental drift theory and plate tectonics. See more »

  • Arthur Holmes

    Arthur Holmes

    Holmes, Arthur (1890-1965) was a British geologist who used radioactivity to determine the age of rocks, which led to new estimations of the earth's age. See more »

  • Bell, Robert

    Bell, Robert

    Bell, Robert (1841-1917), a Canadian geologist. He mapped much of the area around Hudson Bay and named thousands of Canadian lakes, rivers, and other geographical features. See more »

  • Broom Robert

    Broom Robert

    Broom, Robert (1866-1951), a Scottish paleontologist, anatomist, and physician, made major contributions to the study of the origin of mammals and the structure of their skulls, to the history and classification of ancient reptiles, and to the discovery and interpretation of early human fossils. See more »

  • Charles Richard Van Hise

    Charles Richard Van Hise

    Van Hise, Charles Richard (1857-1918) was an American geologist and educator. His geological studies of the Precambrian formations of the Lake Superior region contributed greatly to iron mining there. See more »

  • Cousteau, Jacques-Yves

    Cousteau, Jacques-Yves

    Cousteau, Jacques-Yves (1910-1997), a French oceanographer, inventor, and explorer. See more »

  • Dana, James Dwight

    Dana, James Dwight

    Dana, James Dwight (1813-1895), a United States geologist and mineralogist. He was noted for his scientific writings. See more »

  • Dawson (family)

    Dawson (family)

    Dawson, the family name of two Canadian geologists, who were father and son. Both were born in Pictou, Nova Scotia. See more »

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