Geologists are important to the advancement of geology. These scientists study the makeup of the Earth and its geologic processes. Here you can learn about geologists.

Alexander Logie Du Toit

Du Toit, Alexander Logie (1878-1948) was a South African geologist who helped form one of the foundations for the synthesis of continental drift theory and plate tectonics.

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  • Eduard Suess

    Eduard Suess

    Suess, Eduard (1831-1914) was an Austrian geologist who helped establish the basis for tectonics and paleontology. See more »

  • Eugene Merle Shoemaker

    Eugene Merle Shoemaker

    Shoemaker, Eugene Merle (1928-1997) was an American scientist. He made valuable contributions in the fields of geology, the study of how the planet earth was formed and how it changes, and astronomy, the study of the universe and the objects in it. See more »

  • Fuchs, Sir Vivian Ernest

    Fuchs, Sir Vivian Ernest

    Fuchs, Sir Vivian Ernest (1908-1999), an English geologist and explorer. Fuchs led the first land expedition to cross Antarctica, 1957-58. See more »

  • Geikie, Sir Archibald

    Geikie, Sir Archibald

    Geikie, Sir Archibald (1835-1924), a British geologist who was an expert on glacial and volcanic geology. See more »

  • George Gaylord Simpson

    George Gaylord Simpson

    Simpson, George Gaylord (1902-1984) was an American paleontologist, a scientist who studies animals, plants, and other organisms that lived in prehistoric times (more than 5,500 years ago). See more »

  • Hans Merensky

    Hans Merensky

    Merensky, Hans (1871-1952) was a South African geologist, mining engineer, and naturalist whose efforts contributed greatly to the development of the country's natural resources. See more »

  • James Hall Jr.

    James Hall Jr.

    Hall, James, Jr. (1811-1898) was an American paleontologist and one of the most influential scientists of his time. See more »

  • Johann Menge

    Johann Menge

    Menge, Johann (1788-1852) was a German-born geologist, mineralogist, explorer, early colonist, and linguist. See more »

  • Joseph Burr Tyrrell

    Joseph Burr Tyrrell

    Tyrrell, Joseph Burr (1858-1957) was a Canadian geologist and explorer whose work led to much of what is known about the western and northern regions of Canada. See more »

  • Le Conte, Joseph

    Le Conte, Joseph

    Le Conte, Joseph (1823-1901). a United States geologist. Le Conte was born in Liberty County, Georgia. See more »

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