Major physics terms are explained in these articles. Here you can learn about some of the fundamental physics concepts.

Mass Spectroscope

Mass Spectroscope, an instrument used to measure the mass of atoms and molecules.

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  • Carat


    Carat, a unit of weight for precious stones. The international, or metric, carat was standardized in 1913 and accepted by the United States and many other countries. See more »

  • Centrifuge


    Centrifuge, a machine that separates liquids of different densities. It can also separate liquids from solids that are held in suspension. See more »

  • Charles' Law

    Charles' Law

    Charles' Law, in physics, a principle that deals with the effect of heat on the expansion of gases. See more »

  • Cloud Chamber,

    Cloud Chamber,

    Cloud Chamber, a device used by nuclear physicists to detect and study elementary particles Among the many particles that can be detected are alpha particles, protons, electrons, positrons, and various types of mesons. See more »

  • Cryogenics


    Cryogenics, the production of very low temperatures and the study of phenomena at those temperatures. See more »

  • Doppler Effect

    Doppler Effect

    Doppler Effect, an apparent change in the frequency of waves, due to the relative motion of the source of the waves and the observer. See more »

  • Echo (sound)

    Echo (sound)

    Echo, a repeated sound. The term is usually used to refer to sound that is reflected from a surface and returned to its source after a noticeable delay. See more »

  • Elasticity


    Elasticity, the property of a substance that enables it to recover its original shape and size after it has been stretched, squeezed, or bent. See more »

  • Entropy


    Entropy, a measure of the disorder in a system containing energy or information. The less ordered a system is, the greater is its entropy. See more »

  • Ether (Physics)

    Ether (Physics)

    Ether, in physics and astronomy, the name given to an imaginary substance once assumed to fill the otherwise empty space between the stars and planets. See more »

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