Major physics terms are explained in these articles. Here you can learn about some of the fundamental physics concepts.


Cryogenics, the production of very low temperatures and the study of phenomena at those temperatures.

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  • Heat


    Heat, the energy possessed by molecules because of their motion. Since all solids, liquids, and gases are made of molecules that move about, all such substances contain heat. See more »

  • Lenz's Law

    Lenz's Law

    Lenz's Law, a law of electromagnetic induction formulated in 1833 by the German physicist H. See more »

  • Mass Spectroscope

    Mass Spectroscope

    Mass Spectroscope, an instrument used to measure the mass of atoms and molecules. See more »

  • Perpetual Motion Machine

    Perpetual Motion Machine

    Perpetual Motion Machine, a device that will run forever without any outside source of energy. See more »

  • Radiometer


    Radiometer, an instrument designed to detect and measure radiant energy. A simple type, devised by Sir William Crookes, consists of four vanes of mica or aluminum foil that revolve on a needle point within a glass globe from which most of the air has been removed. See more »

  • Regelation


    Regelation, the melting of ice under pressure and its refreezing when the pressure is relieved. See more »

  • Relativity, Theory of

    Relativity, Theory of

    Relativity, Theory of, a description of space and time as determined by physical measurements. See more »

  • Solid-State Physics

    Solid-State Physics

    Solid-state Physics, the branch of physics that deals with the structure and properties of solids. See more »

  • Specific Heat

    Specific Heat

    Specific Heat, a measure of the heat required to raise the temperature of a given amount of a substance by one degree. See more »

  • String Theory

    String Theory

    String Theory, in physics, a theory that describes the most elementary objects in nature as extremely small, one-dimensional structures called strings. See more »

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