Major physics terms are explained in these articles. Here you can learn about some of the fundamental physics concepts.


Perpetual Motion Machine

Perpetual Motion Machine, a device that will run forever without any outside source of energy.

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  • Torsion

    Torsion, the stress produced in a body when it is twisted. The twist in the body is produced by torque. See more »

  • Ultraviolet Radiation
    Ultraviolet Radiation

    Ultraviolet Radiation, electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between those of visible violet light and those of X rays. See more »

  • Vacuum

    Vacuum, a space in which there is no matter. In a strict sense, there is no such thing as a vacuum—even the virtually empty regions of the universe between the galaxies contain some matter. See more »

  • Work

    Work, in physics, the movement of a body by a force acting against a resistance. Work is performed when a person lifts a weight, since the person applies a force to move the weight upward. See more »

  • Xray

    X Rays, electromagnetic radiation similar to that of visible light, but of much shorter wavelength. See more »

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