Endeavour's Last Voyage

  • Towing the Space Shuttle
  • 10 Heaviest Objects Moved
  • Turn Spaceship Into Museum Piece
Mankind's Greatest Lifting, Moving and Hauling Feats
What is the most commonly towed item in the world?

On a long road trip, it can be easy for your mind to wander. When the audio book isn't holding your attention, the trailer full of horses might give you pause. What's the most commonly towed item in the world?

5 10,000-Pound Items That Get Towed on a Regular Basis

Heavy-duty items that get towed along roads in your community are limited to huge trucks, right? If you're not aware of your vehicle's towing capacity or of how heavy your innocuous load is, you might heaving a load better left to a semi.

How can a 5,000-pound truck tow 10,000 pounds?

The laws of physics explain how easily a truck can successfully tow a load twice its size. All you need to do is provide the force needed to overcome your vehicle's state of rest.

What is the biggest truck in the world?

Mining trucks are the biggest trucks in the world. But the question is this: Which manufacturer builds the one officially known as the world's largest truck?

For towing, what's more important, horsepower or torque?

One can easily understand why car enthusiasts spend so much time debating the advantages of torque versus horsepower. The debate boils down to one question: Would you rather simply have the work done or done quickly?

Is it possible to increase the towing capacity of a truck?

When the Eagles sang "Take It to the Limit," they weren't referring to your car's towing capacity. There's a rating that defines how much weight your car can handle. Heed this magic number, and you'll be taking it easy on the highway.

Half-ton Pickup Quiz

Half-ton pickup trucks have grown in popularity over the years. How knowledgeable are you about half-ton pickup trucks? Take this quiz and find out!

How Newton's Laws of Motion Work

Newton's iconic laws of motion are at work all around you, whether you're watching an Olympic swimmer explosively push off a pool wall or a sumo wrestler maintain his stance. So what are they?

How do people pull large objects with their teeth?

You've seen people pull huge buses or trains with their teeth and other parts of their bodies. How do they do that?

What if I wanted to build a Great Pyramid today?

If you wanted to build a Great Pyramid in today's market, you would need to take into consideration a lot of factors. How much labor would you need? What about materials? And how much would it cost you?

How the Titanic Worked

Titanic was hailed as the world's fastest, most luxurious ship. What's more, it was proclaimed unsinkable. But on a moonless, frigid night, a brush with an iceberg resulted in disaster. Why did the Titanic sink? And why was it doomed from the start?

How Easter Island Works

Much of Easter Island's haunting past remains a mystery, though clues have surfaced about the people, their culture and their fateful decline. What's the real story?

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