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Image courtesy of Hugh Bowring/Footprint Environmental Solutions

Meet Change Maker Hugh Bowring Of Footprint Environmental Solutions

Today we're going to meet Hugh Bowring from the West Midlands in the United Kingdom. He recently started up his own eco-consultancy business Footprint Environmental Solutions. How did Hugh become a Change Maker?My name is: Hugh Bowring

I live in: Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, UK.

I work at: home as an environmental consultant and online retailer of eco-friendly products.

I used to work as: a newspaper journalist in East Anglia.

The reason I changed my profession is: from a very early age, I have resented, and been frustrated by, Man's persistent and willful destruction of the natural world for short-term gain. Although I was my paper's environmental correspondent, more than half my time was devoted to covering all sorts of unrelated topics; so I decided to take the plunge and devote my working life to following my environmental passions.

With my business I am aiming to: help make the world a better place to live in. Wow! What a notion. I admit I am an idealist, but I am also a realist: I believe that mankind has the potential to curb runaway climate change before it happens and clean up our act on earth; but belief and expectation are two different things.

The most important eco aspect of my work is: helping people to cut their ecological footprints at home in the most simple and cost effective ways. Once people have "greenified" their homes, they will look to extend that behaviour to all areas of their life.

I am excited by what I am doing now because: it is part of the most important movement on earth.

The most challenging part of my work is: turning people's concerns about climate change and the state of the environment into positive action.

The most rewarding part of my work is: hearing people say how much money they have saved by taking my energy saving advice, since there is no greater incentive for sustaining positive change than saving money!

The results I really want to see are: politicians doing what they are elected to do and look out for our long-term interests. We give them the power to make real change so they must use that power responsibly and effectively.

I was first made aware of environmental issues: when I was about seven and my class was shown a video on coal fuel power stations and acid rain. Having been brought up on a beautiful farm in rural Sussex, it was a harrowing contrast to anything I had ever seen before. But the video also contained footage of a hydro electric power station and awakened me to the notion of "green" energy.

I wish I could: discover the ultimate energy source, of course!

I think everyone can: get the best out of life without taking the best out of the planet.

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