Courtesy of The Interdependence Project


Based in New York City‚s East Village with another group in Portland, Oregon, The Interdependence Project (or “ID Project”) is a non-profit organization “that focuses on building community through meditation, activism, and the arts.”

Part of the ID Project is an emphasis on interdependence and responsible consumption. “We do not exist in separate bubbles,” they tell us. “The products you use, the foods you eat, and the way you interact with the environment (whether intentionally or not) all have a far-reaching nuanced effect on everyone and everything around you.”

The ID Project accentuates the Buddhist principle that ignorance is the root of all our problems. Awareness, they say, is the starting point for all our solutions. Thus, these words of advice and motivation: “Be aware of your choices. Pay attention to your actions. Examine your lifestyle not from a place of guilt, but from a mindset of creative curiosity. Examine and recognize: how you eat, what you wear, why, where, and what you buy, how you get around, what you do for work, your interests, who and what you care about, your intention.the multitude of choices that weave together your day.”