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Schools are quite large, and, therefore, have an immense carbon footprint. Think of how many kids the air conditioners must cool in the summer and heat in the winter. My high school didn't have air conditioning. They weren't going green, just broke. With a slow economy, our already wounded education system can?t afford to upgrade to green technologies. They often have to make due with inefficient air conditioning and outdated insulation. Don't fret. There is something you can do about this.

The Students for Solar Schools program is a grassroots student-led organization that helps schools go solar. Many students across the country are attempting similar things, but the Students for Solar Schools are trying to unite any interested schools under one, unified umbrella.

The Students for Solar Schools, has a downloadable petition that students can use to gather signatures for their cause. They also have an outline for a pitch to convince faculty and school board members that solar panels for the school are a good idea. The most attractive part of the plan is that it is free for the school. The money for the solar panels come from fundraising, donations and grants.

How to Go Solar From Students for Solar Schools.

Set a Goal: If a local solar company near you offers a free or really cheap estimate, get one! Having a goal is crucial towards running a successful and targeted fundraiser.

Fundraise: Solar panels are expensive, you knew that, your school knows that. This means that your efforts should be shifted away from events like Car Washes, Penny Wars etc. and more towards specific, targeted efforts.

Sponsorship Link: Bring down the cost of the panels significantly or even down to zero by doing your homework and finding out if there are any special partnerships you school can link to obtain free or discounted panels.

Students, the power is in your hands. Thanks to the Students for Solar Schools, the blueprints for initiating a solar program in your school is only a mouse click away.