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Conservation Issues

Conservation issues are a growing concern for most scientists. As humans continue to consume natural resources, many organisms are headed for extinction. Conservation issues include the protection of trees, animals and wetlands.

Climate Change and Art Converge in 'Holoscenes' at the World Science Festival

Performance art, science and the issue of a polarized society intersect to challenge viewers' thoughts. See more »

One of the World's Most Remote Uninhabited Islands Is Literally Covered in Our Trash

Henderson Island has a human population of zero, and the highest density of litter anywhere in the world. See more »

Human Din Is Drowning Out Nature's Quiet, Even in Parks

Wildness is a necessity, as naturalist John Muir once wrote. And it helps if that wildness isn't drowned out by man-made noise pollution. See more »

Sand Is in Such High Demand, People Are Stealing Tons of It

As the world becomes more urbanized, the demand for sand, a key ingredient of concrete, keeps growing. But there's only so much sand to go around. See more »

How a Trump Border Wall Would Affect Wildlife

A wall spanning a continent would alter the environment for the worse, with its impact felt across numerous species and ecosystems. See more »

Americans Use 500 Million Straws Every Day. Would You Pledge to Go Strawless?

The OneLessStraw campaign encourages people to kick their straw habit to keep plastic from harming the environment. See more »

Bandicoots Survived Eons of Changing Climates, But This Time It's Different

New findings about ancient, extinct Australasian bandicoot and bilby species underscore how dire things are today when even survivors like these are struggling. See more »

Deepwater Horizon Oil Found in Land-based Birds for First Time

A new study shows how, years after the disaster, oil from the disaster has made its way into terrestrial species. See more »

What Happens to the Billions of Cigarette Butts on the Beach?

Five trillion cigarettes are discarded each year globally. New research looks at the metal content of those on just one beach in the Persian Gulf. See more »

Science Solves the Problem of the Stingy Shampoo Bottle

If you care about lost shampoo, you're going to be doing hair flips of joy when you read about what's in store for future plastic shampoo bottles. See more »