Stuart Westmorland/CORBIS


Trash is ugly.

But when we heard from Planet Green partner Oceana that there's a floating pile of trash twice the size of the state of Texas in the Pacific, the concept of ugly took on colossal new proportions.

This giant floating landfill even has its own name: the North Pacific gyre.

What's the top dog in this waterlogged garbage disaster? Plastic bags. Hungry sea turtles try to eat it and its toxic chemicals are ingested by sea life large and small. Think of these things and be extra proud when you bring your own bag as we all try to cut back on the 300-700 plastic bags each American individual uses every year.

That's why the folks at Oceana are asking you to pledge to put an end to our plastic bag addiction. The pledge, available online, reads as follows:

I pledge not to trash the oceans by:

1.Using a reusable tote or other bag at the grocery store

2.Drinking water out of glass or other non-plastic container

3.Recycling plastics whenever possible

4.Never littering and always disposing of trash properly

5.Encouraging my friends and family to reduce their plastics consumption

At this writing, 2854 people have taken the pledge.

Taking the pledge is a great way to remind friends and family exactly why plastic bags are so bad. So join the community of plastic bag pledgers online today!

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