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Stand one upright and it could reach the height of a 10-story building. Its heart is bigger than you hybrid compact. You and 49 of your closest friends could stand comfortably on its tongue. Of course, we're talking about whales. Unfortunately, since 5000 B.C., humans have seen fit to hunt these magnificent marine mammals. The results, predictably, have been disastrous for whales and the ocean. Greenpeace reports: "The blue whales of the Antarctic are at less than 1 percent of their original abundance, despite 40 years of complete protection." (If you'd like it spelled out in graphic detail, watch this video.)

Don't fall for the oft-repeated myths, e.g. whaling is cultural, whale populations are rising, whales are destructive to the food chain, etc. The author Farley Mowatt once said: "Whales never needed a technology." This may be true, but whales do need us to step up and take action immediately. For starters, here are four ways to help our beleaguered whales.

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