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The Nature Conservancy (TNC), part of Planet Green?s non-profit family, recently succeeded in acquiring 320,000 acres of western Montana forestland from the Plum Creek Timber Company.

At the risk of sounding like a Master Card commercial?the price tag was a hefty $510 million buckaroos but the deal was well?priceless. Why?

- The forest, one of the world?s most ecologically diverse systems, is now safely in the hands of TNC, who will help protect the area?s water resources and rich fish and wildlife habitat.

- The sale represents the largest private land conservation purchase in U.S. history.

- The public can now take advantage of the land?s plethora of recreational activities such as hiking and fishing.

Though the deal works in favor for TNC, Plum Creek mills still gets a nice piece of the forest pie. The agreement is such that the timber company will continue being supplied with wood fiber from the lands by a third-party sustainable forestry. This way, local jobs will still remain intact and the timber company will set a good, eco-example.

This isn?t TNC's first  super-hero forest conservation act either, the organization has completed 21 in the U.S., saving 3.5 million acres for more than $1.6 billion bucks.

Help make a great thing even greater by donating money or time at The Nature Conservancy's website.

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