Jean Henri Casimir Fabre

Fabre, Jean Henri (1823–1915), a French naturalist and author. Living in seclusion from 1879 until his death, Fabre devoted himself to the study of the life history, habits, and instincts of insects. His nontechnical books on insects are greatly admired for their beauty of expression. Charles Darwin said that he “thought like a philosopher and wrote like a poet.”

Fabre was the son of illiterate peasants. He attended the Normal School of Vaucluse, later teaching at the College of Ajaccio in Corsica and at the Lycée of Avignon.

Among his works translated into English are The Life and Love of the Insect (1911); Social Life in the Insect World (1913); The Life of the Fly (1913); The Wonders of Instinct (1918); The Marvels of the Insect World (1938). The Insect World of J. Henri Fabre (1949) is a selection from his 10-volume work, Souvenirs entomologiques, edited by Edwin W. Teale.