Minerals have a broad range so much so that they have their own discipline of study called mineralogy. These essential elements often have complex processes that lead to their formation.


Saltpeter, the common name for potassium nitrate, a white, crystalline solid composed of potassium, nitrogen, and oxygen.

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    How Moissanite Jewels Work

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    The Ultimate Asbestos Quiz

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  • Alabaster


    Alabaster, True alabaster is a soft, fine-grained form of gypsum (calcium sulfate) that is easily carved. See more »

  • Asbestos


    Asbestos, a name applied to several minerals from which flexible, heat-resistant fibers are obtained. See more »

  • Gypsum


    Gypsum, a soft, white mineral consisting of calcium, sulfur, and water. Gypsum is found in thick beds deposited by ancient seas. See more »

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