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Oceanography is the study of the oceans as ecological systems. In this section, learn about topics like currents, deep-sea research or how rogue waves work.

The World's Largest Waterfall Is Deep Underwater

The Denmark Strait cataract dwarfs every other waterfall in the world, but you can't see it because it's deep under the Atlantic Ocean. See more »

Scientists Warn Climate Change Is Suffocating the World's Oceans

Climate change may be melting glaciers, but it's also reducing the oxygen of the world's oceans. Without oxygen, many marine organisms may no longer be able to survive. See more »

Probing the Undersea Dead Zone Known as the Hot Tub of Despair

Take a look inside the deadly brine pool in the Gulf of Mexico that's captivating the world's attention. See more »

Mariana Trench Exploration Finds More Weird New Underwater Species

The NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer just wrapped up the third leg of its recent expedition into the deep Pacific waters, finding a number of cool new species. See more »

New Mariana Trench Expedition Already Making Some Really Cool Finds

A mind-boggling number of Earth’s species have yet to be discovered. A NOAA research team aboard the Okeanos Explorer is hunting in the deepest hole in the ocean. See more »

Divers Find Roman-era Sunken Treasure in Shipwreck Off Israel

With incredibly well-preserved metal figurines, lamps, coins and more, the sunken treasure find in Caesarea's harbor is being called the best of its kind in decades. See more »

Underwater Icicles Are Salty, Weird-Looking and Deadly

Underwater icicles, also called brinicles or sea stalactites, form when super-cold brine meets normal seawater. The sub-zero phenomenon can kill some sea life. See more »

SeaOrbiter: An Aquatic Version of the Space Station Seeks Funding

SeaOrbiter would allow scientists to live at sea, and could be the aquatic equivalent of the International Space Station – if it can get the $53 million needed to finish. See more »

How Volcano Vent Tubeworms Work

Tubeworms aren't antisocial; they just prefer an environment that's a little different from the rest of us — one that happens to be as hot as an oven and riddled with bacteria. See more »

Why is seawater salty?

If you've ever been pulled underwater at the beach and came up sputtering with a mouthful of salt water, you might wonder where the ocean picked up that briny flavor. Read on to learn just where all that salt comes from. See more »