Photo courtesy of Ice Energy, Inc.


Know Your Green Home Technologies is a Planet Green Series that helps you get to know some of the most popular and cutting edge green technologies out there, so you can make informed eco decisions when it's time to update, remodel or build with green in mind.

Heating, cooling and refrigeration accounts for fourteen percent of all electrical energy used in the United States, making it the largest source of energy consumption in the household. On those hot summer days, this puts quite the strain on both the power grid and the homeowner's pocketbook. Brownouts often occur at the worst times in major metropolitan areas, causing potentially lethal situations for the elderly and the newborn.

There is a new air conditioner on the market that has found a way to ease the strain of taxed wallets and electrical grids. The air conditioner is produced by a company called Ice Energy, and so far, these air conditioners are only available in California, Hawaii, Colorado and Nevada. They will be available in many other states by 2009.

Ice Energy air conditioners work just like conventional air conditioners, but they have a storage system that freezes water while you sleep. During the hottest parts of the day, the ice cools the air-conditioning system and reduces the amount of energy needed to run the unit by thirty percent or more.

If you must condition the air in your home, this invention is a handy way to decrease your power bills and greenhouse emissions.