Have you ever heard of a solar powered GPS?

Kai-Uwe Och/Getty Images

I'm not always one to be on the move with the latest technological advances, but there is one little gadget that I am 100% down with: the GPS. I spent years touring the USA as a musician without a GPS. This meant needing to constantly search maps for answers and print directions from the computer. (Not to mention stopping for directions way too often). Wasted resources. GPS systems definitely do the environment a favor when it comes down to saving us all paper, time, and gas miles.

If you haven't invested in one yet, it would probably be smart of you to consider doing so.

But with so many systems on the line, knowing which one to buy can be difficult. Luckily for us all, there are some systems that are more eco-friendly than others.

If you're in the market to get on board with the GPS program, research carefully. Look into products that have been shown to last the longest and use the least amount of energy. There are some solar-powered GPS systems on the market that will save you the worry of whether or not your batteries will run out if you're on the go with your GPS. F-Tech, Transystem, Keomo, Solarius and QSTARZ all make solar powered GPS systems.