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Green Science

Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

Is organic meat eco-friendly?

These days, concerns about health, responsible farming techniques, fair trade practices and genetically modified organisms are just some of the reasons why making your weekly grocery list may seem to require a degree in geopolitical economics or chemistry.

Is there a correlation between gas prices and obesity?

While we might groan when gas prices soar, the price hike could have a positive effect on our waistlines. Does paying more at the pump mean lowered rates of obesity? See more »

Can my body generate power after I die?

Haunted by ideas of your body polluting the Earth after you're gone? Microbial fuel cell technology could allow you to harness the energy of your own decomposition to power batteries. See more »

5 Green Cities of the Future

Sustainable urbanism is no longer a futuristic dream. Welcome to five cities around the world that will be turning a radical shade of green in the coming decades. See more »

What are climate refugees?

Different kinds of disasters turn people into refugees. Sometimes it's political unrest, religious persecution or ethnic strife. And sometimes it's the climate that makes it impossible to stay at home. See more »

How Eco-anxiety Works

While it's good to be environmentally accountable, too much eco-angst can spiral into an actual anxiety disorder. What makes people lose sleep thinking about their big, muddy carbon footprints? See more »

What are oil sands?

As high-yield oil supplies become harder to find, energy companies are turning to oil sands: mixtures of bitumen, sand and water. How do you extract oil from mucky, viscous soil? See more »

Top 5 Green Myths

Buying organic and planting trees can make you feel better about the planet — but it’s tougher to quantify how much they really help. What are some other myths about going green? See more »

How will global warming affect autumn?

If you love leaping into mounds of fallen leaves, you might have to jump into a big pile of nothing one autumn -- global warming could affect these little seasonal distractions. See more »

What caused the Dust Bowl?

What if the land you relied upon simply blew away? In the 1930s, poor stewardship and crushing drought created black blizzards and an internal American exodus known as the Dust Bowl. See more »

Why is the Sahel shifting?

For the people who eke out an existence in Africa's semiarid Sahel region south of the Sahara, a shift in climate is nothing short of disastrous. What makes the Sahel so unstable, and why is it shifting? See more »