Green Science

Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

How Green Engineering Works

While the specifics vary from one industry to the next, there are several generally accepted principles of green engineering that are universal. How much do you know about the discipline of green engineering?

Top 5 Green Myths

Buying organic and planting trees can make you feel better about the planet — but it’s tougher to quantify how much they really help. What are some other myths about going green?

How will global warming affect autumn?

If you love leaping into mounds of fallen leaves, you might have to jump into a big pile of nothing one autumn -- global warming could affect these little seasonal distractions.

What caused the Dust Bowl?

What if the land you relied upon simply blew away? In the 1930s, poor stewardship and crushing drought created black blizzards and an internal American exodus known as the Dust Bowl.

Why is the Sahel shifting?

For the people who eke out an existence in Africa's semiarid Sahel region south of the Sahara, a shift in climate is nothing short of disastrous. What makes the Sahel so unstable, and why is it shifting?

Can house music solve the energy crisis?

Electrifying dance moves might impress your friends, but they usually don't help power the club you're dancing in. What's piezoelectricity, and how could it help twist the future of energy generation?

10 Amazing Green Cities

Sure, the Emerald City looked green, but you won't need green-tinted glasses to see how environmentally friendly the cities on this list are. What makes a city amazingly green?

How much power does the world consume?

Usually we're focused on our personal power consumption -- wondering why our gas bill went up or took a dip. But what if we added up everybody's power consumption? How much would it be?

Does smog make for beautiful sunsets?

Many people think that beautiful, blazing sunsets are one upside to living with the smog that hangs over polluted cities. Are they right? Does smog actually enhance sunsets?

How is L.A. like ancient Rome?

L.A. and ancient Rome have more in common than a culture of excess. Both cities turned to complex systems of siphons and aqueducts to solve their water problems.

How Urban Sprawl Works

Depending on who you ask, urban sprawl is either the best thing that ever happened to growing families -- or the downfall of civilization and the environment as we know it. Learn about the history and consequences of this American phenomenon.