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Green Science

Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

Do wind turbines kill birds?

For all of its cleanliness, wind power has long been linked to the grisly deaths of birds. Why did one range in California earn turbines the name "bird-o-matics"?

What is Superfund Redevelopment?

What if you found out that the house you just purchased sits on land that used to be a toxic waste dump? Would you believe the EPA when it tells you you're safe? See more »

How the Ozone Layer Works

The word "ozone" gets tossed around conversation as casually as a softball, but how many of us could really describe what the ozone layer is? The "hole" in it isn't exactly a hole. See more »

What is the urban heat island effect?

If you've ever walked the New York City streets in July, you've experienced the misery of this phenomenon. Why do cities heat up like furnaces while surrounding rural areas remain cooler? See more »

How the Iowa Stored Energy Park Will Work

Wind energy is great, but what happens when there's no breeze? The Iowa Stored Energy Park will store compressed air underground. Can it replace traditional energy sources? See more »

How Eco-terrorism Works

Protecting the Earth is serious business for a radical group of environmental and animal activists dubbed eco-terrorists. Who are they? Why does the FBI consider them a top priority? See more »

What is the worst environmental disaster in history?

You don't have to think too hard to come up with a long list of candidates for this title, but one far-reaching environmental catastrophe stands above the others. See more »

How Seed Banks Work

Scientists are stockpiling the world's seeds, organizing them in giant libraries of planting possibilities. Is every type of plant included? Or, are the seeds of pesky plants shunned? See more »

How Thin-film Solar Cells Work

You might think of solar panels as large racks of rigid panels on someone's roof, but newer solar cells are more flexible and efficient. See more »

How Gray Water Reclamation Works

Why waste drinkable water on your yard when your old bathwater will suffice? That's the idea behind gray water reclamation -- getting the most out of your water through reuse. See more »

How Sustainable Communities Work

A sustainable community might not be as radical as you think. What's so crazy about minimizing waste, reducing consumption and preserving green space? See more »