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Green Science

Green Science is the application of eco-friendly thinking to scientific disciplines. Learn about global warming, pollution and other impacts on nature and the planet, plus what we can do to combat them.

5 Green Cities of the Future

Sustainable urbanism is no longer a futuristic dream. Welcome to five cities around the world that will be turning a radical shade of green in the coming decades.

Air Pollution Kills 5.5 Million Per Year, Half in China and India Alone

Millions of people die every year because of poor air quality, new international research finds. That number is expected to rise in coming years. See more »

You Want Solar Panels? This Mapping Website Will Tell You if They're a Good Fit

Not only that, it will also tell you how long it'll take to recoup your investment. Now you just have to hope that the Mapdwell folks are planning to map your city soon. See more »

How Did a Styrofoam Coffee Cup Inspire an Emergency Housing Unit Design?

Creator envisions its use at the next big natural disaster. See more »

Produce So Local It’s Grown in the Skyscraper Next Door

Wouldn't it be nice if that decrepit old warehouse in your town finally found new life, as a farm? See more »

How Cities Can Prepare to Withstand Global Warming

Climate change should shape the infrastructure of the future, says one engineering expert. Here's how. See more »

How are drones changing agriculture?

Drones give farmers a fresh look at what's happening with their crops. See more »

Have invasive species caused any extinctions?

Introducing a new species into an ecosystem can have unforeseen and disastrous consequences for the species that already live there. See more »

Are there antibiotics in drinking water?

If you think about all the things that are removed from your drinking water, you'd be pretty thankful for public water systems. But they can't keep out everything. See more »

Could we make plastic from shrimp shells?

Yes, we have way too much non-biodegradable plastic clogging up everything on this planet, but what if there was a way to make plastic out of something better or even more natural? Would shrimp shells work? See more »

How Invasive Species Work

They bring herds of identical friends, they eat all the food and they just won't leave the party. How can we get rid of these uninvited guests in Earth's ecoystems? See more »