Philips 150S7

Resolution is the number of pixels (tiny, individual dots that make up the display's picture) in each column and row of the screen. For instance, a resolution of 1024x768 indicates there are 1024 pixels from left to right, and 768 pixels from top to bottom. The more pixels, the finer the image detail.

For regular home use, most people go for a monitor screen ranging from 15 inches to 22 inches (38 to 56 centimeters). The Philips 150S7 is a 15-inch monitor -- it also consumes less energy in active mode than any other monitor on our list.

According to Energy Star, the 150S7 LCD monitor draws 12.8 watts while in use. In both sleep and off modes, it uses 0.8 watts.

How impressive is that? The 0.8 watts is good -- it's well below the Energy Star maximum. But it's not extraordinary. The 12.8 watts in active, though, is something to write home about. For comparison, the comparable energy-efficient ViewSonic VG510s draws 22 watts in active (and 0.82 watts in both sleep and off).

More Philips 150S7 specs:

  • Size: 15-inch diagonal
  • Type: TFT LCD
  • Resolution: 1024x768
  • Contrast ratio: 500:1
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2
  • Response time: 12 ms
  • Price: $249*
  • * source: Philips

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