eMachines E17T6W
More Ways to Save

Buying a more efficient monitor isn't the only way to reduce monitor-related energy consumption (although if you still have an energy-hogging CRT, it's probably time to upgrade). Regardless of which monitor you use, you can follow a few tips to be more energy efficient, including: Make sure any power-management features are turned on; turn the computer off when you'll be away from it for more than two hours; don't let computer games run in the background, because some of them can stop the monitor from entering sleep; and forget the screensaver -- it doesn't actually conserve energy [source: ACEEE].

The eMachines E17T6W is a widescreen monitor with a 17-inch (43-centimeter) screen. It boasts a nice 1440x900 resolution and an 8-millisecond response time, which is more than sufficient for movies and games [source: TechSpot].

It also boasts great Energy Star efficiency numbers. It draws 16.4 watts in active, 0.68 in sleep and 0.63 in off. Compare that to the Olidata ES678, with comparable image specs and an Energy Star certification, which consumes 35 watts in active, 2 watts in sleep and 1 watt when it's off.

Additional specifications for the eMachines E17T6W:

  • Size: 17-inch diagonal
  • Type: TFT LCD
  • Resolution: 1440x900
  • Contrast ratio: 600:1
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2
  • Response time: 8 ms
  • List price: $140*
  • *source: eMachines

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