Sustainable technologies at home allow individuals to live their lives without producing unnecessary waste and pollution. They may cost a bit more up-front, but will help the Earth and save you money in the long run.

How the Duke Smart Home Works

The Duke Smart Home isn't your typical residence hall. It's a live-in laboratory, complete with LEED Platinum certification. What's inside (and out) that makes it so special?

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  • How Waterless Toilets Work

    How Waterless Toilets Work

    The world flushes up to 20 percent of its drinking water down various drains. That's a lot of water going to waste. Waterless toilets could squelch the squandering. See more »

  • How Zero-energy Homes Work

    How Zero-energy Homes Work

    What if your net power usage was zero? Some homes combine energy efficiency with their own power plants to end up consuming no energy at all. See more »

  • Top 5 Energy-efficient Computer Monitors

    Top 5 Energy-efficient Computer Monitors

    While the typical home computer setup is a moderate power drain, the computer monitor accounts for nearly all of the system's energy consumption. What are five monitors that won't eat up so many watts? See more »

  • Top 5 Energy-efficient Computers

    Top 5 Energy-efficient Computers

    Energy efficiency is starting to rank right up there with speed and power in terms of desirable attributes for a computer. What are five of the most energy-efficient computers on the market? See more »

  • Top 5 Green Gadgets

    Top 5 Green Gadgets

    There is no accepted standard of what makes a "green" gadget. With that in mind, here are five devices that do not use any energy at all or that find novel ways to rethink a common gadget while also making environmental improvements. See more »

  • Top 5 Green Mobile Phones

    Top 5 Green Mobile Phones

    In response to heavy criticism, the mobile phone industry has started going green. What are five of the greenest mobile phones out there? See more »

  • Top 5 Green Robots

    Top 5 Green Robots

    There's nothing particularly organic about a robot, even if you dress it in hemp and fuel it with alternative energy. But these five can help our planet one mechanical movement at a time. See more »

  • Top 5 Solar-powered Gadgets

    Top 5 Solar-powered Gadgets

    Electronics use a lot of juice. So what's an environmentally responsible citizen to do? Going solar might just be the answer. See more »

  • Top 5 Things You Can Do to Compute Greener

    Top 5 Things You Can Do to Compute Greener

    If you're like most folks, you spend a few hours a day on the computer. What changes can you make to save power without compromising the way your work? See more »

  • Top 5 Ways to Cut Printer Waste

    Top 5 Ways to Cut Printer Waste

    Just look at any office printer for a pile of mistakes -- accidentally printed e-mails, multiple copies, practically blank pages. What are some tips (and tricks) for cutting back on your paper, ink and spending? See more »

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