The Billboard Liberation Front got things started in their own way and, of course, there are different versions of what constitutes a truly liberated, green billboard. But smack dab in the middle of New York's Times Square, we've got ourselves a billboard to write home about (or at least, to blog about).

Glenn Collins of the New York Times explains: "The first eco-friendly billboard is coming to Times Square, entirely powered by the sun and the wind—but there is one small catch. When there's no sun, and no wind? The $3 million billboard goes dark: there is no backup generator."

"The sign is fitted with 16 wind turbines, which will provide 90% of the power, and 64 solar panels which will generate the rest," adds Jenn at Tiny Choices. The energy generated is enough to light six homes for a year and it's estimated that the sign "would prevent 18 tons of carbon from being spewed into the air yearly."