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A new eco-friendly material—developed by two Scottish scientists Dr. David Hepworth and Dr. Eric Whale—Curran is made from carrots and can be used instead of glass fiber. Curran, explains the BBC News, "is billed as a revolutionizing performance product with unique strength and weight. Through a special process, nano fibers found in carrots are extracted and combined with high-tech resins enabling tough, durable components to be molded to whatever shape, degree of stiffness, strength or lightness required."

You don't have to be Bugs Bunny to ask: What's up, doc?"

"Curran is incredibly versatile and we believe that we are launching at a time when companies are looking for that combination of quality and performance but achieved in a way that is environmentally friendly," replies Dr. Hepworth. "The potential of Curran is enormous and if we can replace just a small percentage of carbon fiber in products the effects on the environment could be significant and wide ranging."