Firearms are one of the oldest and most evolved weapon systems. From flintlocks to automatic weapons and flamethrowers, learn how firearms have been used to wage wars and save lives.

Where do bullets go when guns are fired straight up into the air?

If you've ever watched a gun fired into the air at a celebration, you've probably wondered where that bullet ends up. We've got the answer.

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  • 10 Hallmarks of Assault Weapons — and What They Do

    10 Hallmarks of Assault Weapons — and What They Do

    Do you know which features earn an ordinary firearm the "assault" label in the U.S.? There's more to that definition than just semi-automatic action. See more »

  • 10 Innovations That Led to the Modern Bullet

    10 Innovations That Led to the Modern Bullet

    Firearms get the historical spotlight, but what about the projectiles they hurl at insane speeds? Here are the innovations that gave rise to modern ammunition. Think of it as 10 rounds of ammo info. See more »

  • Does owning a gun change your behavior?

    Does owning a gun change your behavior?

    High-profile shootings often make people wonder if the victim or victims would still be alive if no guns had been available. But is that true? Are people more reckless simply because they have a gun? See more »

  • How does a gun silencer work?

    How does a gun silencer work?

    How in the world can a gun silencer work? How can you possibly take an explosive noise that can damage your hearing and turn it into a little "ffft" sound? See more »

  • How Flamethrowers Work

    How Flamethrowers Work

    When humans discovered fire, they learned to cook their food in a controlled environment. What came next? Flamethrowers, of course. What do flamethrowers have in common with their living counterpart -- fire breathers? See more »

  • How Flintlock Guns Work

    How Flintlock Guns Work

    Flintlock guns were extremely important weapons in the American Revolution; they also formed the foundation of all modern guns. Learn about the gun that started it all. See more »

  • How Gun Safes Work

    How Gun Safes Work

    Would you believe there are videos showing toddlers opening gun safes? Turns out some of them are not very secure. Why is that, and what should you look for when buying one? See more »

  • How Guns Work

    How Guns Work

    Guns permeate society -- police officers carry them, wars are fought with them, normal citizens own them. These articles will show you how different types of guns function from trigger to barrel. See more »

  • How Machine Guns Work

    How Machine Guns Work

    The invention of the machine gun forever changed the battlefield. While soldiers once had to reload after a single shot, they now can fire hundreds of rounds per minute without a single pause. See more »

  • How Revolvers Work

    How Revolvers Work

    The revolver turned shooting a round into a one-step process, forever changing the face of crime, law enforcement and self-defense. Find out what goes on inside a revolver. See more »

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