Future Space

What is the future of space travel? Explore the technologies we’ll use to visit the stars in the near and not-so-near future, from space planes to robonauts.

How Electromagnetic Propulsion Will Work

Get a sneak peek (even before NASA scientists) at a new type of spacecraft that could be jolted through space by electromagnets.

Imagining a Colonized Mars With Marshall Brain

Can you imagine living on Mars? It's hard for some, but HowStuffWorks founder Marshall Brain has a new book that discusses the idea in depth.

Mars Astronauts Risk 'Space Brain' Dementia From Cosmic Rays

Cosmic radiation gave the fictional Fantastic Four superpowers, but in real life it could destroy an astronaut's mind, a new study shows. NASA's already on the defense.

Asgardia Wants to Be a New Nation — in Space

Asgardia's going to start small, as in one satellite small, but the proposed nation has big plans.

How Plasma Rockets Work

Imagine if we could get to Mars in 40 days instead of seven months! It could happen if we used plasma rockets, which travel at 34 miles per second. But how do we make this a reality?

A Year in Isolation: What We Learned From the Latest Mars Simulation

In the HI-SEAS project, scientists lived together in cramped isolation on Hawaii, simulating the kind of challenges that would bedevil interplanetary explorers

Jeff Bezos Wants to Move Heavy Industry to Space

The business magnate also wants space startups to become as common as internet startups are today. And Bezos' company Blue Origin is going to help make it all happen.

Nightmarish Sea Urchin Teeth Inspire New Space Exploration Claw

Researchers looked at the sea urchin jaw's uniquely powerful structure to build a better excavation tool, with the aim of digging on Mars — or beyond.

Elon Musk Steers Dragon 2 Toward Possible 2018 Mars Landing

Elon Musk announced this week that SpaceX will be attempting to make history yet again by landing the first private and unmanned spacecraft on Mars as soon as 2018.

NASA Will Learn to Prevent Space Fires by Setting Space Fires

It's all in the name of science, of course.

Crops on Mars: Safe to Eat?

We've figured out pretty much how to grow them. It's the making them safe for consumption that could be tricky.