The history of physical science explains how some of the major physics concepts were discovered. Check out these articles on the history of physics.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A Medieval Science Quiz

Did anything vaguely scientific happen in the Middle Ages? Take this quiz to learn how we got through a dark period of history while trying to figure out how the sun was revolving around us, anyway.

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  • Coral Reefs in Peril

    Coral Reefs in Peril

    An ambitious plan to protect and study the coral reefs of the United States was announced in March 2000 by the U.S. See more »

  • Exploring the Ocean Abyss

    Exploring the Ocean Abyss

    The deep ocean is a world that seems as alien to human beings as a planet in a science-fiction novel. See more »

  • Exploring the Suburban Solar System

    Exploring the Suburban Solar System

    One stormy night near the turn of the millennium, a friend and I were sitting beneath the massive Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory near San Diego. See more »

  • Fire from the Sky

    Fire from the Sky

    Storm clouds begin to build above the high plains of Kansas near the Colorado border. See more »

  • Found--The Top Quark

    Found--The Top Quark

    March 2, 1995, was a red-letter day for researchers at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Batavia, Ill., and for their colleagues around the world. See more »

  • Here Comes the Sun

    Here Comes the Sun

    The year 2000 may bring solar fireworks to Earth, astronomers predicted in 1997. More and more sunspots-dark areas with lower temperatures than the surface around them-began to appear across the face of the sun in 1996. See more »

  • How the Moon Was Born

    How the Moon Was Born

    The moon has been an object of wonder and the subject of art and poetry since people first kept written records or decorated their caves with paintings. See more »

  • How the Ocean Affects Climate

    How the Ocean Affects Climate

    Whether the forecast calls for a dry spell, a balmy day, heavy snow, or a hurricane, the ocean has played a major role in it. See more »

  • How the Ocean Came to Be

    How the Ocean Came to Be

    Soon after the solar system formed out of a cosmic cloud of gas and dust more than 4.5 billion years ago, Earth was a dry, cratered ball barren of life. See more »

  • In Search of Other Worlds

    In Search of Other Worlds

    Astronomers in the United States reported in March 2000 that they had discovered the smallest planets yet found outside the solar system. See more »

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