The history of physical science explains how some of the major physics concepts were discovered. Check out these articles on the history of physics.

Close encounters with Saturn

Descriptions of the international Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn tend toward superlatives.

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  • The Sound of Silence

    The Sound of Silence

    We live in a noisy world. From trucks rumbling down the highway to earsplitting jackhammers attacking concrete sidewalks, it is difficult to escape noise. See more »

  • The Universe on the Grand Scale

    The Universe on the Grand Scale

    With the naked eye we can see the moon, most of the planets of the solar system, nearby stars, and even some neighboring galaxies. See more »

  • Turbulence: Hidden Threat in the Skies

    Turbulence: Hidden Threat in the Skies

    High over the Pacific Ocean, about two-and-a-half hours southeast of Tokyo on the evening of Dec. See more »

  • Weather Terms—Cloudy or Clear?

    Weather Terms—Cloudy or Clear?

    The forecast itself becomes more interesting and more understandable if we look into the meanings of the terms that forecasters use. See more »

  • What Is the Fundamental Nature of Space?

    What Is the Fundamental Nature of Space?

    What does the space between this book and your eyes consist of? Although it looks like nothing at all, just empty space, we know that there are air molecules floating around. See more »

  • When the Earth Moves

    When the Earth Moves

    Earthquakes dominated the news in late 1999. The deadliest earthquake of the year killed more than 17,000 people in and around the town of Izmit, Turkey, on August 17. See more »

  • When the Rains Stop

    When the Rains Stop

    There's probably nothing more devastating to a farmer than drought. Entire fields of crops can be lost, and a family's finances can be left in ruin. See more »

  • When Worlds and Comets Collide

    When Worlds and Comets Collide

    The greatest collision between a planet and another celestial object ever witnessed by scientists happened in July 1994. See more »

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