From the deceptive simplicity of bread to the fascinating world of molecular gastronomy, learn all about the food you eat with these articles about edible innovations.
What do you know about salt?

How Cheese Works

Cheese is everywhere. But what exactly is it? Where does it come from, how is it made -- and why is some of it so stinky?

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  • Everyday Science: Salt Quiz

    Everyday Science: Salt Quiz

    Calling someone the "salt of the earth" is a compliment for a reason. Salt has been an immensely important and coveted substance throughout history. The more you learn about salt, the more you'll appreciate that shaker on your kitchen table. See more »

  • How Artificial Sweeteners Work

    How Artificial Sweeteners Work

    Many dieters use artificial sweeteners as a way to cut sugar without eliminating all things sweet. But did you know that some artificial sweeteners have almost as many calories as sugar? Find out how artificial sweeteners work. See more »

  • How Beer Works

    How Beer Works

    Stout, lager, pale ale, pilsner and porter ... it takes a lot to produce a great beer. Take a tour through the brewing process from start to finish, barley to bottle, mash to keg and learn to brew at home! See more »

  • How Bread Works

    How Bread Works

    Crunchy crust, soft, spongy middle -- there's something about fresh-baked bread. Have you ever thought about bread as a technology? Learn about the biochemical reactions that make bread taste so good! See more »

  • How can sugar explode?

    How can sugar explode?

    A February 2008 blast at a sugar refining plant near Savannah, Ga., killed at least six people. Investigators believe the accident occurred when sugar dust exploded. See more »

  • How Caviar Works

    How Caviar Works

    Many people consider caviar, unfertilized sturgeon eggs, to be a delicious delicacy. But how exactly is this luxury harvested, and what is the proper way to eat it? See more »

  • How Champagne Works

    How Champagne Works

    Hosting a swank celebration? You should consider serving champagne. Why is it so famous -- and expensive? What sets it apart from sparkling wine? See more »

  • How Cheese Works

    How Cheese Works

    Cheese is everywhere. But what exactly is it? Where does it come from, how is it made -- and why is some of it so stinky? See more »

  • How Chocolate Works

    How Chocolate Works

    If you're a devotee of this ancient cocoa-bean confection, you may be drooling all over your screen right now. How did seeds from a weird little tree snare the hearts (and taste buds) of the world? See more »

  • How Coffee Works

    How Coffee Works

    This stimulant drink comes from beans that are roasted and ground and, for many of us, it's a staple of life. But do you know where coffee grows and how it gets to America? How a French roast differs from an Italian roast? What a coffee cherry is? Or how decaffeinated coffee is made? See more »

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