From the deceptive simplicity of bread to the fascinating world of molecular gastronomy, learn all about the food you eat with these articles about edible innovations.
What do you know about salt?

How Cheese Works

Cheese is everywhere. But what exactly is it? Where does it come from, how is it made -- and why is some of it so stinky?

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  • How Cotton Candy Works

    How Cotton Candy Works

    Cotton candy is a fluffy mass of sugary delight and a popular carnival treat that's been exciting children for more than a century. But how does cotton candy get its fine, downy texture? See more »

  • How did that science get in my chocolate?

    How did that science get in my chocolate?

    On average, Americans wolf down 12 pounds of this sweet stuff each year. How much do you know about how your favorite chocolaty treat goes from bean to bar? Sink your teeth into this quiz to find out. See more »

  • How do energy drinks work?

    How do energy drinks work?

    Energy drinks are everywhere, but how exactly are they supposed to give you energy? What's really in them, and are they safe? Find out. See more »

  • How do I know if I'm eating cloned meat?

    How do I know if I'm eating cloned meat?

    As you sink your teeth into a juicy hamburger, could you be consuming meat that came from cloned livestock? Will those condiments taste just as good on your genetically duplicated dinner? See more »

  • How do you grow meat in a lab?

    How do you grow meat in a lab?

    With the world's growing appetite for meat and declining farmland space, scientists have been experimenting with whether meat could be created in a lab. How do they do it -- and what does it taste like? See more »

  • How Espresso Works

    How Espresso Works

    It's a great pick-me-up in the morning and a perfect finish to a good meal. Ever think about trying to make this stuff at home? Find out what espresso actually is and how to make a perfect shot every time. See more »

  • How Fast Food Works

    How Fast Food Works

    Unless you're in a particularly remote area, you can't go far in most developed countries without finding a fast-food restaurant. Learn how fast-food restaurants came to be and why they're so popular. See more »

  • How Fats Work

    How Fats Work

    Tired of hearing about things like monounsaturated fats, partially hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids and not knowing a thing about any of them? Find out what you need to know here. See more »

  • How Food Cravings Work

    How Food Cravings Work

    As you surf the Web, your mind is distracted by the thought of warm cookies floating in cold milk. Will this craving ever subside, or do you need chocolaty satisfaction ASAP? See more »

  • How Food Preservation Works

    How Food Preservation Works

    Because sustenance ensures our survival, food preservation is one of the oldest technologies developed by human beings. Find out what's being done to your food to make it last longer. See more »

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