Crypton Super Fabrics

This residential kit -- part of Crypton's line of cleaners, disinfectants and deodorizers -- works great on their fabrics, but can also be used on other fabrics and surfaces as well.

Photo courtesy of Crypton, Inc.

Using Crypton Super Fabrics

We've covered the basics of what goes into producing such impervious fabric, now let's see what happens when it's put to the test.

Although Crypton is great at resisting water and stains, occasionally a mess might come along that requires more than the quick swipe of a towel to clean it up. For those more serious spills, Crypton has developed a line of cleaners that work best on its fabrics, but can do a good job on regular types of fabric too.

One of their stain removers, the Gold, is good for working on stains made of things like beer, blood, coffee, soda, mildew, milk, ketchup or vomit. Another one, the Purple, is suitable for stuff like cosmetics, grease, ink, crayon, nail polish, oil or mustard. On top of that, the company offers a disinfectant and deodorizer, which can knock out an impressive list of micro villains, another factor that makes these products popular in places like hotels and hospitals. E. coli, hepatitis, salmonella, HIV, influenza, staphylococci like MRSA and VRSA, herpes simplex 1 and 2, mold, mildew -- taking a deep breath -- streptococcus, parvovirus and canine distemper are just some of the many germs and viruses Crypton's disinfectant kills. As the first fabric EPA-certified as disinfectable, you're probably beginning to see why odor-resistance is just another perk of Crypton fabrics.

Developing a disinfectant for Crypton Super Fabrics did pose quite a challenge, though. The problem stemmed from the widespread use of Crypton in industry fields such as health care and hospitality, and the fact that lots of disinfectants are corrosive to fabric and damaging to the impermeable liquid barrier. One important benefit to note, however, is that Crypton fabric is able to keep harmful microorganisms from breaking through to the other side. For example, once a suitable disinfectant was developed, Crypton mattress covers could be made to keep anything from reaching the actual mattress -- everything stays on the surface waiting to be sanitized.

So what can you buy that's made with Crypton Fabrics? Apart from the fabric itself, you can also get products like pet beds and accessories, kid-sized chairs, quilts, bags and luggage, sofas, pillows, outdoor furniture, armchairs, rocking chairs, ottomans -- the list goes on and on. Crypton offers a variety of designer collections that are available online through their Web site, and through many different retail distributers.

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