Have you ever wondered how black lights, or mirrors work? This collection of articles will explain the workings of some of the most common inventions and innovations you come into contact with everyday.

How Solar-powered Sunglasses Work

Most people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes -- or to just look cool. But are there possibilities for energy generation that we're missing out on?

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  • How Corrective Lenses Work

    How Corrective Lenses Work

    Eyeglasses are one of the most common sights in the world. Learn what goes into creating the lenses and how to read an eyeglass prescription. See more »

  • How Crypton Super Fabrics Work

    How Crypton Super Fabrics Work

    Right now, you may be sitting on a chair or walking on a rug made of some type of fabric. Hopefully, you're wearing fabric in the form of clothes! But fabric is easily damaged. So what if there were a super fabric out there that stayed intact? See more »

  • How Daylight Saving Time Works

    How Daylight Saving Time Works

    We humans aren't complete slaves to time. We've even devised ways to pack an extra hour of sunshine into our day, thanks to daylight saving time. Are you ready to spring forward into the fine art of tweaking time? See more »

  • How do ear thermometers work?

    How do ear thermometers work?

    Ear thermometers can get a quick and accurate reading. Learn how they assess your body temperature from inside your ear. See more »

  • How do fireworks explode in specific shapes?

    How do fireworks explode in specific shapes?

    Nothing quite thrills like seeing fireworks for the first time. But while many of us have grown up taking these bright, booming wonders for granted, a lot of design and planning goes into creating the awe-inspiring shapes we've come to love. See more »

  • How Electronic Cigarettes Work

    How Electronic Cigarettes Work

    Electronic cigarettes were developed to help smokers get their dose of nicotine without the chemicals associated with burning tobacco. But are they any safer? See more »

  • How Fireworks Work

    How Fireworks Work

    If you've ever been to an aerial fireworks show, then you know that fireworks have a magic all their own. Ever wonder how they make such incredible colors and designs? Learn all about these pyrotechnics! See more »

  • How Hair Coloring Works

    How Hair Coloring Works

    Got a few grays? Just want a new look? Well, if you are like 75 percent of women, you're part of a billion dollar industry. Learn all about hair coloring and choosing the best color for you. See more »

  • How Instant Film Works

    How Instant Film Works

    Before digital cameras, you needed instant film to get instant pictures. With instant-film photography, you can watch the image slowly come together in a matter of minutes. While it seems like magic, the process relies on elements of science. Find ou See more »

  • How Lab-grown Skin Works

    How Lab-grown Skin Works

    A burn injury is one of the most devastating things a body can endure, and until recently, a serious third-degree burn meant certain death. Skin grown in a lab (yes, you read that right) improves the odds. See more »

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